Training and development

Adjusted at all times to the characteristics and needs of our clients, their business culture, objectives and their available resources, we achieve a tailor-made preparation according to the profiles and skills of the participants.

Our trainers are professionals from the business world and excellent communicators who favor the assimilation of contents and their practical application. Shall we learn together?

Formación Presencial Humact

On-site training

Together with the trainers, we carry out a work session, in order to adapt each course to the client’s needs.

Aula Virtual Humact

Virtual classroom

Training takes place through telematic connections in real time.

Blended learning Humact

Blended learning

It consists of the combination of E-Learning Training with sessions of «Mentoring» in person or Virtual Classroom that reinforces the assimilation of the course.


The E-learning modality is a training delivery system, supported by ICTs, that combines different pedagogical elements such as self-study, practices, real-time contacts and deferred ones.

Humact Lectio Virtual

Lectio Virtual

This platform allows the contracting of any course from our catalog and the creation of specific and tailored training for our clients.

Humact Campus Lectio

Campus Lectio

Grupo Humact has its own E-learning Training platform called Campus Lectio.

Humact Business Game

Business Games

We combine animation, entertainment, humor and participation of the attendees, with aspects related to teamwork, leadership and communication.